Science Labs

At present the school has classes from Toddlers to Class XII. Elaborate lab facilities with separate rooms for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography are housed in spacious rooms.

School is the learning center, teachers are the facilitators, they facilitate the children to learn. Children, especially the young kids respond to elementary shapes clubbed with vibrant colours.


Computer Labs

CPS has an exceptional Computer Lab with a healthy student computer ratio. Computer Labs are designed as per the age group so that the children are tech-savvy from the earliest age. It is rightly said that a single picture speaks a thousand words. Thus to make understanding an easy process through multimedia each Lab is equipped with adequate multimedia facilities.



The students have a ready access to a well stocked library to empower their minds and to think beyond their prescribed texts.
The initiation of a digital library is yet another novel move towards facilitating education for gen-Next. Apart from books and journals, visual, audio and video materials will also be made available to the learners. In keeping with the rapid expansion of educational multimedia, the school has endeavoured to create this e-library. Virtual learning materials have now been found to augment learner comprehensibility. Digital library has a great deal of potential for the academic sector and we are certain that this will motivate learning.

Centrally Air Conditioned

CPS building is air conditioned with the purpose of barring outside noise and assisting students to concentrate much better.


 Canteen Facility
Canteen facilities – Children are encouraged to eat home cooked food. However there is a provision for healthy meal options. Canteen is strictly monitored so that unhealthy drinks and junk food do not find a place there.


Other Amenities:

Safe secure environment with CC TV installed through out the school premises and continuous monitoring

Dedicated maid for each class room.

Safe cold drinking water treated with RO plant

Full generator backup

Cool air conditioning in summer and heating arrangements for winters.



The bus route covers all areas. Our Luxury air conditioned buses with double glazed windows fitted with toughened glass have competent drivers and responsible escorts who are constantly in touch through mobile phones.