·       Extracurricular activities offer kids a chance to explore new interests that are not part of the regular school curriculum.

·       They may provide more physical activity than what they would get during the school day and at home.

·       Extracurricular activities also provide fun and enjoyment, which can help keep kids motivated about school when their school work becomes challenging.

·       Extracurricular activities help children gain new skills, learn to socialize, gain leadership ability and learn more about their own interests.

·       Elementary and middle school students gain the benefit of exploration and socialization.


Sports and Games

Sports and Games have been an integral part of school life as mind and body are inseparable. Sports and Games not only enliven and refresh the body, they also activate and boost the performance of the mind and at the same time play a great role in disciplining the whole person. Keeping this in mind the following are some of the facilities offered to our students now:

-Outdoor activities:
-Volley Ball

Indoor games
Added to outdoor activities, a covered play area with a wide range of play equipments give uninterrupted opportunity to play, specially in the monsoon season


Indoor activities:
-Table Tennis



Art & Craft

It gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging themselves in a number of fun filled, interesting activities.