Welcome To Crescent Public School

 Crescent Public School is fully equipped with infrastructure for an environment conducive to learning. With a building located within the green ambience of some 78880 square feet  area of land – the mind is set free from clutter and other distractions that hinder the learning process. All the classrooms are centrally heated to ensure that the cold winter doesn’t come as a way of student lethargy. Dedicated library facility is provided to students to make sure they have access to all the resources needed for studying. Teaching and student


Chairman's Message

Our relationship with you is not a new one. We have already build a good relationship based on trust and academic excellence where we valued your ambitions and offered you opportunities to fulfil your goals. You have already recognised our dedication towards shaping your child’s future. Now we offer you an opportunity to get associated with us right from the time where the educa


Every coming day will be a better One.

Every day is a fresh start... Every sunrise,,, a new chapter in our life waiting to be written... If this realization is established every coming day will be a better One...

Mansoor Ahmad Sheikh

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